1. 01.
    June 2022

    EIA Screening

  2. 02.
    July to August 2022

    Community Consultation

  3. 03.
    Autumn 2022

    Potential planning application submission to Isle of Wight Council

  4. 04.
    September 2023

    District Council will consider and determine the application

  1. 05.
    Summer 2024 / 2025

    Commencement of Construction

    In Progress

Additional Information

  • An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Request was submitted in June 2022 - the site has been screened EIA.
  • A wide range of environmental subjects will be taken into consideration including traffic impacts, landscape and visual impacts and ecology.
  • We have received planning permission for Barnfield Solar Farm. We are in the process of discharging the conditions and will provide an update once we have a construction timeline.